Our Mission

Jeffrey and Tisha Clifford have made it their goal to provide the gospel of grace to everyone. To help those in need and to bring the Word to the streets. Jesus told us to go into the highways and byways with the Good News so that everyone can experience the goodness of God. It is our ministry’s goal to help bring food to the hungry, clothing to the those that are naked. To bring heath to those that are sick and to bring comfort for those that suffered loss.

Our first goal is to set-up a Christian television program called, “The Word On The Street.” What this show will do is bring God’s Word to the community and bring the church and the community together. Thereby, bringing health to community. The television show will help community organization get their message of hope out and the church will be able to work hand in hand with the community. This is phase one of our mission.

Phase two will be to build a homeless shelter for woman and a woman’s drug rehabilitation center.

Phase three is to build a food bank to satisfy regions in North Carolina and beyond.

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